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Omni-Channel & Cross-Channel

Marketing channels are no longer limited to snail mail, phone calls and a physical store. We now have new devices like tablet computers, mobile phones, as well as marketing channels like social media and websites. BrandIntel analyses both omni-channel and cross channel trends for our clients to reach out to current and prospective customers, and break the gap between online and offline.

Global Competition

Businesses are no longer competing locally or regionally, but globally. Despite the new challenges, they can potentially be transformed into a myriad of possibilities and opportunities. In the face of global competition, BrandIntel serves as a trusty aide to clients in conquering greener pastures.

Speed Is The New King

In the past, the big wins the small. In today’s world, the fast wins the slow. With a growing culture of instant gratification, speed to market and innovation is more important than ever. Brands have to constantly adapt and come up with innovative strategies to remain relevant in the ever-changing market.

Smart Customers

No longer are customers blindly loyal. The advent of new technologies has changed the business world. Consumers today have the freedom to read online reviews, compare prices and assess the popularity of products with a simple click on the search engine. They now demand and expect more, are highly opinionated on the interactions they have with brands, and will not hesitate to switch brand loyalty or voice their opinions readily.

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